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Land of the Batammariba PDF Print E-mail

togo post

"Togo Post"

Tammari house

"Tammari house"


I visited the  Batammariba people who live within the Koutammakou landscape in north-eastern Togo, which extends into neighbouring Benin. The Batammariba people are well known in Togo for their homes built of mud {Takienta}. The houses reflect the relationship between traditional belief systems and the natural landscape.

The Witches of Tindang PDF Print E-mail




Witches of Tindag

" The Witches of Tindang."


old lady


"  A woman from Tindang."



Prior to my visit to Ghana I set my itinerary and all I knew about Tindang was that I had an opportunity to visit a witches village. My imagination about a village of witches was fueled by images of Hollywood lore. I was excited to meet " witches", thinking I might find some inspirational images to paint. What I discovered left me emotionally taxed. This is the story of the Witches of Tindang.


Story of the Masquerade PDF Print E-mail


Hyena Dancer

" Hyena Dancer. "

story teller

" Telling a story to a captive audience, Benin. "


My fascination with traditional art form was forever changed when I sat in on a masquerade festival while I was headed to Togo along the coast in Benin took on a new perspective when for the first time I saw African art in motion. To  see the mask completed by a full adornment of costume and character opened the concept of function in art.

Intore New Year Celebration PDF Print E-mail


" Celebration"

Intore dancers

" Norman with Intore dance troop, New Years Eve, Rwanda"

I arrived in Ruhengeri, Rwanda New Years Eve's day to get settled before my visit to the mountain gorillas located nearby at Parc National des Volcans National Park. New Years Eve was intended to be a quite relaxing evening

Land of the Dogon PDF Print E-mail
  1. Kanaga and the Door

" Kanaga and the Door "

Dogon Dancers

" Dogon masked dancers, Bandiagara escarpment- Mali."

  1. The one place in Africa that I wanted to visit more that any other place was always Mali. Over the years traditional African art form has become a passion of mine. The Dogon people of Mali have always
  2. been known for their masks, sculptures and doors.
Mountain Gorillas Up Close PDF Print E-mail






" Contemplating- a Mountain Gorilla lost in thoughts, Rwanda "

I started New Years Day the same way I spent the night before, wide awake and running on adrenaline. This New Years Day adventure is my all time favorite wild life encounter that Africa has to offer, go trekking to locate the  Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.

Invited to Wechiau PDF Print E-mail



Dreaming of Wechiau

" Dreaming of Weichiau "

Norman with Chiefs Calgary

Norman with Naa Banda-naa Chielinah,Naa Imoru GomahII and Naa Danyagiri Walaam-i SebauhII Calgary Zoo.


My adventures in Ghana began to take on a life of its own before I even visited Africa. Having booked my trip to Ghana already I thought that my trip was planned and I was excited to make my way to Africa. I book my trip in June to visit Ghana, Togo and Benin for the following year.

Walking With Elephants PDF Print E-mail

Elepant Encounter

" Elephant Encounter"

Watering hole


" Overlooking elephant watering hole, Mole National Park, Ghana 2007"


February 2007 I visited Mole National Park, Ghana's largest national park covering 4,840 km2. Mole National Park boasts a Guinea Savannah woodlands that is home to 93 species of mammals, 344 species of birds and 33 species of reptiles.