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This site is a place to share my images and art.

Africa is the continent that has sparked my imagination since I was a young boy.  When I paint, Africa is inspiration, Africa is my muse. Some of my paintings are a reflection of African wildlife. Others are of cultural influences as seen through the lens of my travels.

 Africa's many nations and peoples offer an breadth of opportunities for the artist to explore. I have visited Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Togo, and Uganda . The people, the cultures, the history and the wildlife of these countries have supplied me with a lifetime of inspiration. I yearn to see places not yet visited as well as returning to the places that have become part of who I am.

All of the photography displayed on this site were shot by me on my various adventures in Africa.

My collection of traditional African art is now part of the images gallery.

Please contact me by email for any purchasing inquires. All payments are now done by PayPal.

Just as my passion for  Africa grows, so will Aru Studios. Please bookmark this page as this site will continue to evolve. Also updates are on Aru Studios Face Book page, "Like" on Face Book page for updates.

 - Norman Nemeth


Paintings from the Florence Biennale 2011- International art show. Norman's featured paintings.



Opportunity is more than the title of this painting, opportunity is something I believe all us hope to enjoy.


The " Cynthia Phillips Primary School " in the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary, located in the West Upper Volta Region of Ghana is part of an International award-winning conservation and community development project sponsored by the Calgary Zoo.


With the construction of the school, the children there will have an Opportunity to go to school. To learn more about the Cynthia Phillips Primary School and the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary please visit contributions.


This painting is dedicated to the memory of Cynthia " Cindy" Phillips. My best friend.



Celebrating New Years Eve with an Intore dance troop inspired this painting.




After I visited The Land of the Dogon in Mali, West Africa I created Kanaga and the Door.



A life time of memories from the Florence Biennale 2011.










Norm's Images


Norman's paintings are part of private and corporate collections around the globe, from Canada to Europe, the United States and of course Africa.


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